How You can Turn your Followers into Clients.

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Here is why 10k followers accounts can’t make money but 1k followers accounts are making money $$

I have met many accounts even though they have lots of followers but they aren’t making money, the time they spend creating content doesn’t worth it (in my view)

And some creators have a mentality like this

Do you think once you reach 10k followers that clients will come to you?

I am going to show you, that you are wrong. I have seen accounts with less than 1k followers making money.

First, get this into your head. If you cant sell with less than 1k followers you won’t sell with 10k or even 50k.

If you want to sell, make these fundamental changes.

1. Build Trust with your prospects.
You can build trust by asking the right questions and listening to your prospects.

2. Provide Value
To provide value, you need to understand the client first and understand the real challenges of the client. And then provide the actionable tips and show them how they can apply them.

3. Show your expertise
Once you understand the challenges, explain to your prospects exactly why they are experiencing it.

4. Get back and check them
Once you provide the actions they need to take, give them time and get back and ask them what they have done. (it is best if you could ask them before they come to you)

I hope you will take action and you will build the confidence to sell more even though you have fewer followers.

In this upcoming posts, I will share some of the templates (DM and Cold Email Templates) I personally use to sell my products and services.

And that’s it.


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